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Tom, Im just trying to gather information and learn while making as smart a decision as I can with my limited experience. I am working an sbc and 2 Pontiacs ... 2 street motors mostly and a Pontiac race motor. I have pistons and rods for all except the pistons for the Pontiac race motor. The 6.00 Scat Chevy and 6.64 BME Pontiac rods are both 620gms. The Diamond Chevy 4.030 pistons-pin-rings weigh 625gms, the Ross 4.180 weigh 720gms(444 pistons ... assume 427 the same)There may not be HP in the lower end and I dont believe I have ever claimed that, the strength and weight of it does make more HP attainable and livable ... I dont think you can deny that. I think the lower weight will spin up quicker as well. I am simply using what I have at the moment. There is a 1" deck height difference in the 2 motors. This does make a difference but they are not worlds apart. The Ultradyne solid roller on its way to me should be moving me up alittle in the HP department long as I can make factory heads flow enough to breathe with it. May have to grab the SD Performance set I've needed to use as models for my own porting. It should be a good stress test for a standard 400 crank stroked to sbc max.
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