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Default 061 heads

I recently asked about the 142 vs 143 and got great advice. I started looking around for another set of heads to clean up for the 400. As a refresher its a stock bore 400, '69 cast intake with Q-jet, stock exhaust manifolds for now, and it looks like cam choice is down to the 068 vs the Summit 2801, whichever I can get cheapest after scouring the internet. The engine is going in a '66 Catalina with a 3 speed manual and will have 3.23 to 3.70 gears depending on what I can score cheap. But the biggest change is I found a set of good 061 heads for the great price of free. From what I have heard they were a 1st shot at open chamber heads, have chambers in the low to mid 70's (cc), have the big valves, better valve angle, but press in studs and the 2801 cam would probably have them maxxed out on lift. I have also read the quench area absolutely blows but they seem to flow decent. Are these heads worth using? The high compression doesn't bother me since I have access to 93 pump fuel right next to 108 race fuel to mix it with. I know the heads are a one year design that was cleaned up and turned into all the desirable heads that came out later.
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